Mission & Vision

Make and Mature disciples of Jesus

The Mission

The mission of South Suburban Church is the same mission Jesus gave his followers in Matthew 28: Make and Mature disciples of Jesus. We aim to help people take One Step Closer to Jesus each day.

The Vision

The vision of South Suburban is to see people transformed through the gospel. What is the gospel? The good news that Jesus changes everything.

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do at South Suburban!

  • We WELCOME others like Christ has welcomed us.
  • We root ourselves in the WORD as our only foundation
  • We WORSHIP God with all our lives, seeking to bring Him glory in everything we do
  • We WITNESS to the world every chance we get, always looking for a reason to share the hope of the gospel message
  • Finally, WE do this in community. We need each other to grow more like Christ and love one another

One Step Closer
to Jesus